samsung galaxy x

Samsung starts testing its revolutionary folding screen, Galaxy X.

The Samsung Galaxy X, the first foldable smartphone of the Korean brand, will not be released until 2019 on the market that already information is beginning to reach us in the dropper. This month, The Investor magazine informs us that Samsung will start testing the dual screen of its Galaxy X prototype.

Galaxy X prototype test
The South Korean giant, Samsung will by the end of the month begin prototype production and therefore test the dual-screen prototype of its Galaxy X. The manufacturer of electronics and smartphones seems to have planned to manufacture more than 3000 prototypes by June 2017. Equipped with a dual screen equipped with OLED-based light-emitting diodes, the Galaxy X can be opened at 180 degrees.

samsung galaxy x
The dual screen of the Galaxy X in test
Initiated under the name “Project Valley,” the stated goal of Samsung is to provide a smartphone through a single flexible and collapsible panel; It is in this sense that the tests on the prototypes will carry. Developed for several years, and expected around 2019 the Galaxy X is a project that will revolutionize the smartphone market. It seems that the Korean firm is beginning to refine its technology of foldable screens, these prototypes go in this direction. Although distant from a commercialization, Samsung did not reveal any information regarding the technology used, leaving the mystery intact around the Galaxy X.


Previous information about the Galaxy X indicated that the South Korean manufacturer would consider publishing its first foldable device by the end of 2017, it is now noted that Samsung has decided to postpone the launch until at least 2019. The firm would question Also on the value of a technology of folding screens to consumers.