Samsung Internet browser is available for all Android phones

Samsung has just released the latest version of its browser Samsung Internet Browser Beta. It is available for all Android devices and offers some very interesting features.

 Samsung Internet Browser

The Korean giant is obviously not limited to its only devices and has just launched a new version of its browser, a version compatible with most Android devices.

Samsung is known for its products, but the manufacturer is also very present in the software market and is even at the head of a catalog provided in the field, with dozens of different references. Internet is one of them and Samsung Internet Browser Beta accompanies the nomadic devices of the brand for several years.

To take full advantage of the functions of the software, users will have a terminal rotating – at worst – Android 5.0 lollipop. The company has chosen to focus on the most recent versions of the platform and previous versions are not supported.

Distributed through the Play Store, Samsung Internet Browser Beta also brings a number of significant innovations.
Samsung Internet Browser
Among these, we find a night mode and a very contrasted mode to improve the readability of content and adapt when we consult them

The tool also supports third-party extensions and it will be possible to install a blocker ads to filter certain content. In parallel, the manufacturer has put in place an option able to block the trackers present on the displayed pages.

Samsung Internet Browser Beta obviously supports Samsung Pay, at least in countries where the solution is available.

The application offers additional options such as synchronization of favorites from Samsung Cloud or the support of the M56 version of the Chromium engine. the browser also compatible with CSS grids, WebVR, Web Bluetooth or WebGL2. It also includes an API dedicated to support game controllers.

Samsung Internet Browser
Download Samsung Internet Browser Beta: HERE

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