samsung galaxy s8 camera

Samsung Galaxy S8 prototype with dual camera

We have long thought that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would have a dual camera. This is not surprising because it was now actually in the pipeline. Ultimately, Samsung is still gone another route for its new flagship. Of course, there have created prototype devices for testing different options. One of these prototypes now seems to lie in the hands of someone who has tweeted pictures below.

samsung galaxy s8 camera

The Galaxy S8 which will be available later this month has a single camera. Moreover, the current S8, the fingerprint scanner sitting next to the camera, while the prototype has no fingerprint scanner on the back. Probably this prototype is a version of the device which Samsung would process the fingerprint scanner on the screen. As this new technology does not work properly, Samsung decided just to be next to the camera lens scanner. At the front of the device is not a place anymore, because the main feature of the Galaxy S8 is an almost borderless screen. These pictures thus show what could be the device.


                      Samsung Galaxy S8

The fingerprint scanner is placed in a very uncomfortable place. Fortunately, the handset from Samsung has much more to offer than that. Think of the aforementioned huge borderless screen, but also digital assistant Bixby competing with Google Assistant. The functions of the device are extended to include the virtual reality glasses Gear VR. There is also the Gear 360, a 360-degree video camera for live streaming, and you can use the Samsung DeX transform the phone into a desktop computer. Planet Android Keep an eye out for our review of the Galaxy S8.