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Samsung Galaxy A8 2016 A810 Repair Firmware

For those of you who own a Samsung Galaxy A8 2016 A810, Sometimes one of the installations may go wrong or data may be corrupted. This means that your device will not boot anymore, will crash a lot, and will not be usable at all, but you can use Samsung Galaxy A8 2016 A810 Repair Firmware to Fix your Samsung Mobile.

Be careful when choosing the firmware to flash. For example, you only need to use firmware designed for the exact model of your device. Flashing firmware may cause you to lose the warranty, temporarily or permanently. You responsible for the treatment inflicted on your Android device.

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Before you begin, it is important to have all the tools at hand. you will need:

Samsung Galaxy A8 2016 A810 Repair Firmware

1. Restart Your Samsung Mobile in DOWNLOAD MODE:

    • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy A8 2016 A810
  • Press and hold the Volume Down+ Home Button + Power button at the same time for 3-4 seconds.
  •  Once the warning “WARNING!” Is displayed, release the three keys & press the “Volume up button” to Continue.

2. Connect your Samsung Galaxy A8 2016 A810 to your PC via the USB cable

3. Run the “Odin” file as an administrator.

4. Check that the USB port number is displayed in the “ID: COM” box and the message “Added !!” in the “Message” box. the port ID: COM on Odin must change to Blue or Yellow, depending on the version of Odin used.
5. Choose files in the Odin:

  • “PIT” or “CSB “ is a pit file: put it in the PIT ” field 
  • Bootloader or BL is the bootloader file: put it in the “Bootloader” or “BL
  • CODEPDA or AP: put it in the “PDA” or “AP
  • MODEM or PHONE or CP is the phone network file: put it in the “PHONE ”or “CP” field
  • CSC is the language file: put it in the field “CSC” field.

6. Click “Start” to begin the installation.

7. The Update process might take some time to complete.

8. Once the message “PASS!” Displayed, unplug your mobile from your PC.

9. Well done! You have just Fix your Device via Samsung Galaxy A8 2016 A810 Repair Firmware.

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