turn off the Bixby button

Samsung may work on their own smart speaker driven by artificial intelligence, Samsung Bixby. This allows The Korea Herald. It would be a logical step to the company. Indeed, there are many Samsung users and players can experience smartphones like the Galaxy S8 to appear later and the Galaxy Note 8 to expand. Samsung also plans to expand already confirmed Bixby to IoT devices and tablets, so a speaker is not logical.

Before Samsung expands the capabilities of Bixby, there is still required a lot of work. The voice assistant would actually fully launch simultaneously with the Galaxy S8 in the United States. Bixby was later postponed to the end of May and now the release in late June.

Samsung Bixby

Important to a virtual assistant is that it is a good listener and can talk well. However, Bixby still has trouble with English. According to The Wall Street Journal may Bixby example English grammar still difficult to understand. With Korean assistant has less trouble. In South Korea, the assistant because it directly with the Galaxy S8 appeared. It is also possible that the first speaker Bixby only in South Korea will be launched, and only later in other countries.

One way Samsung can be successful in the Benelux, as Bixby is faster than Google Assistant. Google Assistant namely learn our language this year and not Google Home is therefore not this year for sale in the UK. For Apple’s newly announced speaker, the HomePod is an iPhone or iPad need.