How to Root Android Phone without computer Via KingoRoot

KingoRoot is the best application to Root Android Phone because it does not require to be an expert Geek to perform a root of its android. But before rooting your android, we recommend you read my article which describes the reasons for rooting its android.

First of all, we start by telling you that even if the method is simple and KingoRoot is reputed to be reliable, this is not without risks! I can not be held responsible in the event of bad handling or a problem. In addition, the root will void the warranty unless you remove it. Beware.

Some smartphones have a system that detects and records if the smartphone has been rooted. And simply to be able to customize even more advanced its smartphone. You will have access to all the system files that can be modified! I do not invite you to do so unless you are perfectly sure of what you are doing.

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What’s the Reason to Root your Android phone?

Keeping in mind that you know the reason that pushes you to root your smartphone, we invite you to download KingoRoot. It’s just that you’ve heard too much about the ROOT of an Android and its powers. You are not on this page for nothing, it is because you finally decide to Rooter your Android to have more privileges and more control of your smartphone. You will learn with me in this tutorial how to root an Android with KingoRoot in a few seconds.

Notice: Before rooting your phone, make sure your battery is more than 45% energy and You should have an Android version 2.2 and above and also don’t forget to save your necessary data in an SD card u in your PC to prevent a  possible disaster

The method to Root Android Phone Via KingoRoot:

Download the KingoRoot application from the link and install it on your phone: Here

  • Open the KingoRoot application previously installed on your Android phone.
  • Click “ONE CLICK ROOT“.
  • Wait while the application is performing the Root of your Android phone.
  • Remove your Android to start with your new rooted Android phone.


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