How To Save and Restore Contacts On your android

Contacts are one of the important items in each user’s phone, but sometimes the phone’s exposure to a particular corruption will result in the loss of all contacts stored on the phone or on the user’s SIM card. In this article, we’ll explain how to save and restore contacts when there’s a problem with your phone.

Notice: The Android system allows you to back up your contacts and save them elsewhere before The format your android Phone to Restore them at a later time.

You can follow the following steps to restore contacts on any phone that works with Android by applying contacts.

How To Save Contact On your android

Open Contacts application


Press the menu button

restore contacts

Click on Import/Export.

export contacts

Then choose where to export your contacts and you can choose Internal Storage or SD card.

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export contacts

Contacts will be exported to the memory card or Internal Storage when you select the Export to .vcf file


choose All Contact

all contact


After the export is complete, you can move the file anywhere you want.

How To Restore Contact On your android Phone

  • Open Contacts application
  • Press the menu button
  • Click on Import/Export.

Then choose where to import your previously exported contacts when you select the import from .vcf file and you can choose Internal Storage or SD card.

import contact

Then, search for the vcf contacts file, choose the file that you previously exported, and then click OK.

local phone account

Wait a bit until the contacts are Restore,

Notice: This process may take several minutes depending on how many contacts you have.

How To Restore Contact On your android Phone via Gmail account

Gmail accounts have a special feature that allows users to retrieve their contacts if they are synchronized via the Android phone with an account gmail but condition that they are lost less than 30 days ago

Open your Gmail account on your computer

Press the Gmail button on the left at the top of the page


then press contacts

contacts gmail

The user will then be redirected to another page, where e-mail contacts and all contacts that are synchronized through the Android device will appear

Press more to find it on the left of the screen

restore contacts gmail

Click on Restore Contacts

restore contacts

Then this window will appear as shown in the picture, select the date that suits you, and then press Restore to retrieve the list.

restore contacts

After you finish this process, Sync your Android device

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