WhatsApp photos

With time running the gallery of your phone on the screenshots, memes, and photos you via WhatsApp photos receive. There you happy doing something about it.Obviously, nothing prevents you from deleting one by one the photos stored in your conversations. The problem is long and tedious. And you risk losing valuable data.

Why not assign this task to the Siftr Magic Cleaner application. It is capable of scanning your WhatsApp files in record time and sorting all images. You will then have to select the ones you want to keep and delete all the others. In this way, cleaning becomes faster and easier.


  • Open Siftr Magic Cleaner. On the home screen, the app shows you immediately how much WhatsApp pictures are found. You can also select “Gallery” if you want to scan photos from other apps.
  • Tap the picture of the professor. Siftr concerns the first 500 photos after to see which way can.
  • In the Select which photos you want to keep. By default, checked everything, so mark down what you want to keep. Please note that you remove will be permanently lost.
  • Siftr continues with the rest of your images until he had everything.

In the application settings, you can choose which folders are not included in the scan. Useful if you have a collection of memos or screenshots you want to keep. You can also check applications on your applications.

This is one of the most effective solutions to remove very quickly all the photos that clutter the memory of your smartphone unnecessarily. And good news, the Siftr Magic Cleaner application is free. However, you will have to deal with advertising. But rest assured it is not too intrusive.

Via the link below you will find Siftr Magic Cleaner in Google Play. The app requires Android 4.4 or higher.