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How to Remove SnapChat Conversations History & Messages

It is known that conversations do not stay long in the application SnapChat after being seen by the future and deleted automatically but record conversations with the people you have written will remain on your device unless you delete it, delete chat history on SnapeChat is one of the main features searched by users The application is over and over, the feature and although the application support it, it is hidden in the settings and thus it is difficult for users to find it. The deletion here is to delete the names of the people that you have contact with. The messages are known to be automatically deleted by Snapchat, In this article, you can follow these steps below to Remove SnapChat Conversations History & Messages

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How Do I Clear SnapChat Conversations History and Messages 

1- First, we look at the conversation history, which is as follows:

Clear SnapeChat Conversations History & Messages 

2- Next, Click the menu button on the app’s homepage in the top left corner

remove SnapeChat Conversations History & Messages 

3- Go down the menu and select “Clear Conversations”:

 How to Delete Snapchat Messages

4- You can delete the entire conversation history by pressing Clear All

how to delete saved messages on snapchat

5- Then click on Clear Feed to confirm the process

how to delete saved messages on snapchat

6- If we want to delete a particular conversation we pressing the X button next to it

 snap history eraser

7- Finally, We could sure to have the result as follows:


how to delete snapchat account

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