Today we will explain how to remove App drawer from the bottom of iMessage in iOS 11.Apple has changed the bottom of the display to provide a pretty visible presence to iMessage apps. Indeed, these are accessible directly at the bottom of the screen via an icon bar. But everyone does not necessarily want to keep this colorful bar, The way to hide iMessage app icon space within chat pages is easy but at the same time somewhat opaque for those who do not know the exact way. Clicking on the app store icon between the camera icon and the writing space will not hide the application space.

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How to Remove App Drawer in iOS 11’s Messages App for iPhone

To remove the iMessage app drawer icons bar displayed at the bottom of the screen under iOS 11:

1- Do a long press on the gray icon of iMessage apps
2- while holding your finger, gently lower it down
3- The bar has disappeared

how to remove App drawer from the bottom of iMessage in iOS 11.

According to our tests, this works well on iPhone, but not on iPad and does not permanently hide iMessage apps space in iOS, which is not permanent. This space will reappear if the user is using an iMessage application in the future, so it will repeat the same process to hide the application space again.


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