Apple has provided a feature in silence to users of iCloud Drive is the recover deleted files, it is known that with the release of iOS 11, iCloud Drive will shift from a place to store application files to a true cloud with a separate application on the devices and can store any file in it.So, whoever pestered after deleting files by mistake, or contacts? … For several days, it is possible to recover them:
Restore applies to four different types of data: files, contacts, calendars, and reminders. In addition, this only affects data that has been erased in the last 30 days, such as deleted photos on iOS 11.
This feature can be accessed by logging into and then into Settings.So let us show the way to recover deleted files from iCloud.

Steps to recover deleted files from iCloud in iOS 11?

setting recover deleted files

1. Firstly, Go to Settings

How Do I Recover Deleted files from iCloud in iOS 11?

2. On the bottom left, you’ll find a left-hand menu with 3 options arranged as follows:
Restore Files: To retrieve files (images, documents, ..).
Restore Contacts: Retrieves contacts.
Restore Calendar and Reminder: It is for retrieving calendar data.

Recover Deleted files from iCloud restore calandars

3. If you select “Restore File”, a screen will appear with the files you have deleted in the last 30 days. You can retrieve all files at once by selecting All and then Restore Files.

Recover Deleted files from iCloud contacts restore

Care must be taken when restoring by backup (or archive) as this erases the new data created since the date of the backup.
In addition, for calendars, all events will be canceled and re-created, and new invitations will be sent