iPhone Screen video

The screen video recording feature for iphone phones is a very important feature and has many benefits, so Apple has finally introduced this feature in IOS 11 by default.

This feature allows you to explain your system and applications, or want to explain something in the system or applications to a friend or relatives quickly and practically, and also the possibility of recording video conversations and much more…

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How to activate the Screen video recording feature in the IOS 11

Apple has finally activate this feature for everyone in ios 11

  1. Enter settings
  2. Go Control Center
  3. Drag down until access to the Screen Recording feature
  4. Press the + sign next to it
  5. This icon has been added to other icons in the control center
  6. Drag from the top of the bottom of the screen to review the control center, you will notice the presence of a video screen recording icon
  7. Press it to start recording directly in this way, the system will log the video screen
  8. Press the icon using the 3d Touch feature if you want to attach your voice to the video
  9. You will notice a blue bar at the top of the screen and its recording time. To stop recording, press the blue bar at the top

After you finish recording an iphone video screen and stop recording, a notice will appear at the top of the iphone or ipad screen telling you that the video was saved in the photo album

Enter the photo album You will find the video you recorded in the video album.

If you do not find the video, make sure you have enough space on your iPhone or iPad

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