Rain Design ilevel 2 Laptop Stand Review

When it comes to laptop stands, we looked at many laptop stands and recommended the best
laptop stands for versatility, for adjustability, for portability and for aesthetics. Out of all those
best laptop stand ’ for all the categories, there could only be one overall winner.

The rain design ilevel 2 laptop stand seems to check all the boxes of an ideal laptop. Everyone
in our office agrees that this is the best laptop stand. It’s not perfect and it definitely lacks in
portability. But it makes up for what it lacks in enough ways to make it my favorite laptop stand.

It’s a minimalist design laptop stand made out aluminium metal, that means despite its relatively
smalls size, it’s able to carry any laptop you can throw at it while still leaving enough room on
your desk for your external keyboard and mouse. Although the extremely heavy laptops will
wobble the stand with a slight shake of the desk.

This laptop stand comes with an anodized aluminium finish to complete the aesthetics. This also
makes it blend well with MacBooks. But since it’s one uniform color, it also blends well
aesthetically with most white, grey or even black laptops.

Rain Design Laptop stand review

The lever at the front of the stand allows you to to adjust the height of the laptop until it’s a
perfect fit for your Ergonomic sitting position. It lifts your laptop between 5.4-7.9 inches above
the surface of the desk/table. This should work well with most people like any adjustable laptop
stand .

The adjustment mechanism lets you slide right or left to adjust the height. It’s relatively smooth
even considering that the whole system is mechanical. And durability is not even in question

The only issue with this laptop stand for me is portability. It only weighs 3.5 pounds so it’s not
difficult to move it from desk to desk in the office. But the fact that you can’t fold it and slip it into
your backpack or laptop bag and carry it around. Raindesign Inc, the company that
manufactures this traded portability for a minimalist, sturdy and classy laptop stand design.

At around $70, this is a good laptop stand fit for any office or home desk. It compliments your
work space and Ergonomic set up without breaking your bank. There are obviously cheaper
laptop stands but nothing checks more boxes of a good laptop stand than this one.


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