Quickly find everything back on your Android with Fast Finder

The longer you use your smartphone, the more files and apps you have on it. With Fast Finder, you’ll find what you need.

All at your fingertips with Fast Finder

It is a simple app, which makes your life a lot easier. Especially if you often lose files or apps, Fast Finder can be useful. The app is nothing more than a search bar that pops up as soon as you open the app. Simply typing in the bar, you can promptly request a contact, app or file.

Fast Finder

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Because the app is so simple, you can not set it up too much. You can choose from a dark or light theme, and set different styles for the icons used. You can also indicate if you do not want to count a certain type of file for a search, such as videos or photos.

Download Fast Finder Android

Via the link below, the application can be downloaded from the Play Store. The app runs flawlessly on Android 5.0 or higher smartphones. For 0.99 euro you get the Pro version, which lets you exclude folders and offers more options for the search bar.

Download Fast Finder in Google Play (free)


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