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Qualcomm Accuses Apple in a new lawsuit

Qualcomm filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming that Apple had introduced software from its slides to Intel for use in its new slides.

She said that Apple had used access to share company-specific confidential software information to help the Intel chip manufacturer

In the meantime, Qualcomm and Intel are producing Apple phone chips but after Qualcomm has sued Apple has started to move towards Intel and try to rely it’s all in the production of slides required to try to abandon Qualcomm but it’s clear that Qualcomm’s control over the market for smartphone segments Highly textured because of the proprietary rights registered in her name.


The lawsuit brought through the California state court in San Diego came that Apple had breached a contract between the two companies specifying how to use the software needed to make the chips work with other parts of the cell phones,

According to Apple, Qualcomm gets a lot of money and benefits from its strong position with regard to the illegal manufacture of chips.

The chip manufacturer in one lawsuit alleges that Apple failed to protect its software and does not allow it to conduct a review and audit of how it deals with software, a commitment incorporated in the contract signed between the two companies

The chip manufacturer states that Apple exerts its commercial influence to demand unprecedented access to its very valuable and confidential programme, including source code.

Qualcomm’s profits fell 90 percent after the company announced its financial results over the past week. It also received another shock after rumours about the models of iPhone and iPad with Intel chipset and Mediatek use them starting next year.



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