How to protect your Apple iCloud Account, facebook or Google.


Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud, Facebook, Google, or Dropbox accounts are vulnerable when certain security databases are not adhered to. A worrying situation as our smartphones and tablets regularly back up content on the online servers of these companies.

In theory, it remains useful. In the event of theft, loss or destruction of the mobile, it is easy to find its data and restore it to another smartphone. In practice, a hacker can retrieve this information if he can find the password that is supposed to protect them or that he uses a security flaw. The radical solution would be to stop any synchronization online, which would amount to depriving itself of certain advantages. In this situation, it is important to respect certain advice.

Choose a Good password

The first, basic, is to choose a long and complex password for each service. Forget first names, birth dates, nicknames, proper names and other words in the dictionary. A password must not mean anything and above all 10 characters. Mix uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols. For those who have difficulty remembering a formula, you can use the SMS language or the Leet Speak, which consists of replacing letters with numbers. Look out, this is not always enough to protect an account. It is necessary to use a different password for each online service. It is also important to reinforce safety with double protection.

Implement Dual protection

Implemented by Google, Apple or even Dropbox, validation in 2 steps helps to secure its accounts. Each time a user wishes to connect from a new device, the service provider sends a code by SMS (on the mobile number entered during registration). The only password is no longer enough and it is necessary to always have his phone on hand to obtain the precious code. This will only be requested when you connect for the first time from a machine or after a long disconnection.

Look out, in this situation, in a case of theft of the smartphone, it is imperative to revoke the permissions as well as the sending of the code by SMS until the line is found. For more security, it is wiser to put 2 phone numbers. In addition, when someone tries to log into your account without your knowledge, you will be notified automatically by receiving an SMS with the code to be filled in. Without this code, the hacker will not be able to do anything and you will be informed that it is time to change the password.