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How to prevent others to pause Chromecast videos

How to Prevent others to pause Chromecast videos

With Chromecast videos automatically get some time between several playbacks controls you notifications when you cast something. Not only you, but everyone sees on your Wi-Fi network, though you can turn them off now.With Chromecast.

Even such a burden that Chromecast notification which is continuously in focus while watching something? You can disable this now finally himself. This prevents equal that others can pause or stop the video. The option has been available to a select group of users but is now available to anyone in recent months. With these steps, you can disable the Google Cast notifications.

  • Open the “Google Home “app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Tap the icon right to open the “Apparaten’ menu”.
  • Go to the Chromecast card for which you want to disable notifications and press the three dots to open the “Settings“.
  • Under the heading “Device Information” you set the option “Let others manage your casted media” to Off.

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Chromecast is one of the handiest gadgets that Google has ever released. The simple, inexpensive device you change any TV into a media player. You do not need expensive additional devices, but just use your smartphone or tablet images from Netflix, YouTube, or other apps to your TV.

Therefore you also must equal smartphone as a remote control. Google was late last year that it would be useful if the playback controls are continuously in focus while you’re casting. While many cast apps all show their own playback notification, you will continue for several months, an extra message on the screen with pause and stop buttons.

Unfortunately, the message is sent not only to the person casting. Everyone who is on the same WiFi network as your Chromecast sees him. This allows family members, partners, and friends who come to see you at home who are all casting. They can then also pause or stop the video at any time.

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