pokemon go
Pokemon GO, The festivities surrounding the first anniversary of Pokemon are in full swing. While many players have completely dropped out, these events for others a reason to start the game. However, there are plenty of players who go almost every day since the launch pad. We wondered: why?
The TV series and movies previously always looked excited, the first trailer came out for Pokémon GO and since then we have been waiting for it. I have so long awaited, which I now want to get everything out. “Cynthia works full time at a grocery store, so she does not have much time to play. Therefore, she has many Pokemon to collect.
Koen delay, jemmy Elst, has been playing a week after launch. However, the village itself has little to do Pokémon GO activity. “The times I do it when I cycle to work.” Koen has to and fro cycling five days a week, ten kilometers. Pokémon GO makes these rides just more fun. “Although the speed limit life rather unlucky. I cycled for a while under twelve kilometers per hour, but that is not to do. “
pokemon go
As long as there are added new Pokémon, Koen remains satisfied. “My main motivation remains the Pokédex and I guess I’m still quite some time before I meet a Unown.” In the future Koen would like quests to see in the game: “For example that Team Rocket is up to something and you ease it must stabbing, for example, to get your strongest Pokémon again. “
Also, Mark Nilsen, owner of a shop for dog collars, playing since the first day. “It’s a little youth sentiment. I walk a lot with the dog and have then turned Pokemon. My dog is happy because we now often walk a little further. “Dorien runs every day at least one hour. “Whether I turned on my screen when I get home. Maybe there is something for the house.
Karry Brown, student communication, plays were released since the game in the USA. “There are people around me who still play, so I then play with. But I think it’s just another nice, otherwise, it would make no social element. “Kirsten hopes maker Niantic finally adds the legendary Pokémon in the game. “I also hope they add more generations of Pokémon and an exchange function.”