Finally: Pokémon GO legendary available Now

Finally: Pokémon GO legendary available Now: It took more than a year, but from today you can find Pokémon GO legendary. These legendary Pokémon are very rare.

Lugia, Zapdos, Ho-Oh and other legendary Pokémon dive into this game from this week. The special samples will be found in different ways. For example, if you and your team defeat a Legendary Raid Boss, you get the chance to catch one. Also, dive eggs with legendary samples at random gyms.

pokemon go legendary

The first legends are rolled out in a special way in the coming days. On July 22, Chicago will host the first Pokémon GO Fest, an event that players collect to replace as many samples as possible. If enough animals are caught on that day, the very first legendary will be released immediately at the event. What monster goes exactly is unknown. If all collected trainers beat the legendary Pokémon, they will pop up worldwide.

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The Pokémon Go legendary behaves somewhat differently from your other monsters after capturing them. They are in every fight but always stay on your side. That means you can not leave them to defend a gym.

Pokémon GO celebrates his first birthday this month. Although the game is less popular than last year, it still belongs to the most successful games of the moment, with over 60 million active players. Niantic rolls out several updates this summer to raise interest in the game. For example, the company has recently revised the gyms, and there are plans for exchanging users with Pokémon.

Download Pokémon GO for Android

Pokémon GO is available through the link below in the Play Store. The game is free and works on almost every recent Android smartphone.


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