pokemon go

Next July Pokémon GO celebrates its first anniversary. It was an unprecedented success for the game: just after launch, there were tens of millions of active players. Although its popularity has since declined somewhat, there are still many players worldwide. The game even recently passed the 750 million downloads. Because of these milestones, we can soon look forward to a new event.

Niantic says the anniversary to celebrate the summer. On June 13 begins the Pokémon GO Solstice Event, where fire and ice Pokemon are put in the spotlight. Samples of this type of dive next week temporarily frequently. Also get big XP bonuses for throwing correctly Pokéballs and is off Lucky Eggs in the in-game store.

pokemon go

Niantic further indicates that there will soon be an update that introduces new gameplay appears to play groups. Although the developer did not say exactly what is planned, it is clear that Pokémon Gyms are temporarily closed. That suggests that soon finally appears the long-awaited update for Pokémon GO gyms.

Finally, various events in the near future will be organized in the real world. As found on July 22, the first Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago, with an unknown activity. Tickets for the event are available from June 19th.

Want to join, you can download Pokémon GO  link below in the Play Store. The game is free and works on any device with Android 4.2 or newer.