Phone with the finger, now it’s possible.     


In a few months, someone will call with your finger, it will no longer be science fiction. Designed by Innomdle Lab, South Korea, start up, this bracelet has a module connected BCU (Body Drive Unit). With this system, the user can use his finger as receiver. The SGNL arrive on the market in 2017.

Happiness is as simple as a finger in the ear. This could be the motto for the future start-up SGNL! This smart bracelet to simply call by placing your index finger in the ear. The principle is simple: SGNL connects to the smartphone through a Bluetooth wireless connection. The mobile can remain in a pocket or purse. Upon receiving a call, send a signal to the bracelet will vibrate.

The person who takes the call by pressing a large button. He then places a finger in the ear and begins to speak, his voice being picked up by a microphone integrated into the bracelet. The finger transmits the sound while blocking ambient noise. Which of course significantly improves the quality of the conversation, especially in a noisy environment.

Technically, how does it work? Sound is transmitted through the index due to vibrations produced by the driving body unit (BCU), a small device installed in the bracelet, an audio algorithm, selectively drives the voice of the caller. This sound is ultimately amplified, naturally, in the ear. It is also not necessary to press your finger too deeply into the ear, particularly to avoid dispersing too much earwax in your environment after each call.

Then they demanded $ 50,000 Innomdle Lab, the company behind the project has already received more than $ 800,000 in Kickstarter to make our finger phone. According to the schedule provided by the company, the production of SGNL would begin in December 2016. Each bracelet would cost $ 129.

First, it can be used as a wristwatch and also works with an Apple watch. The SGNL also acts as an electronics trainer. Innomdle Lab has developed a special program to monitor the user’s various activities. Finally, the device reports receiving an email, a message or a call. Technically, a full charge would provide four hours of communication and this bracelet would take a week in standby mode. On the other hand, a sufficient recharge time to float. Note that the Sngl is IP 56 certified, it is resistant to dust and water jets.