The Messenger affiliate of Facebook has announced its collaboration with PayPal’s electronic payment company to provide a service for sending money directly to its users within the Messenger application.

Facebook Messenger users can make payments via chat extensions, a feature added by the platform to their earlier application this year, and also launched a written chat robot dedicated to customer service within Messenger to help them with their accounts, payments and activity knowledge The account, the service will start for the podium customers in the United States starting today, according to Bill Ready chief operating officer at PayPal’s company this morning. PayPal currently owns more than 2.5 million accounts already linked to Facebook in the United States.

Bill Reddy said: “People can take advantage of the Blue + code when you compose a message in Messenger with one person or a group of people and then select the Green Batch button to send or order money quickly, people can test PayPal as their source of funding when making P2P payments with their p contacts Lee Messanger

The new feature is being tested at the moment in the United States, where only the IOS platform will be up to the Android platform later on, and at the same time,

In order to get the bots, the user can search within the Facebook Messenger application on the word PayPal and write your application to the bots for support, instructions, and how to use it.

PayPal is one of the most famous e-banks operating in the region and the world, and it provides users with immediate funds and reception.