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How to Optimize the storage space of your Android


Storage space

Memory Map is not a file explorer nor an application to flush the cache, to delete temporary files or another task killer. This application is based on a simple principle: it offers a graphical representation of your storage space, more precisely the files that occupy it.

We discovered this application a while ago in this article:

How to test and monitor the performance of your Android smartphone
It is part of my set of essential applications, which I install every time I change my smartphone and advise everybody. Logically, I present it to you today, its functionalities are simple but relevant.

When you start Memory Map, you will be taken to the map of your data. You can zoom in and move around at leisure, so no file within a folder can escape you.

Color mode: still a stupid but effective thing: you can opt for a coloration by file type, convenient if you search for videos or images. Coloring by modification date is convenient to retrieve the oldest files, lost at the bottom of the storage memory of your Android and the external mode is actually a contrast mode.