OnePlus 5 announcment leaked images

The Chinese manufacturer hint for some time that soon will appear the next flagship. So recently been producing the OnePlus 3T stopped, presumably to free up production capacity for the new device. Previously, we already knew that the OnePlus 5 mobile ‘this summer’ would appear, but now we have a definite date.

oneplus 5 images

The images we see a smartphone that looks pretty much like the iPhone 7 Plus. The OnePlus 5 appears to have a thin metal body with a flat back. The screen is not filling front because at the top we see a relatively large margin. On the side, we see a mute button, which stops OnePlus on all smartphones. Below is clearly a small notch to the headphone jack.

iphone-7-plus vs oneplus-5

Once the OnePlus 5 is placed next to an Apple iPhone 7 Plus, the resemblance is troubling. The brand logo is in the same location, the dual camera uses the same design and layout, with a microphone and a flash placed next to it. Let us hope that once in hand, the resemblance will be attenuated, notably thanks to a very different front face.

Unlike Xiaomi products, OnePlus is a product sold internationally. Too much resemblance to competing products could be worth a trial to the manufacturer.