OnePlus 3T android O

OnePlus 3T Sales already stopped after six months

You can still order the OnePlus 3T via the website, but once the stock runs out stops selling. An employee stated on the OnePlus forum that the production of the 3T is stopped and not resumed. This is your last chance to get even in the house 3T.

OnePlus does not explain why the production of the device is stopped. Probably has to do mainly with the introduction of the OnePlus 5. This new flagship will be available this summer. Possibly OnePlus 3T delete to free up production capacity for the new device.


oneplus-3t midnight-black

By its decision soon temporary no new OnePlus smartphones available. The manufacturer has always been old units soon after the introduction of a new model from the sale. The OnePlus 2 and OnePlus 3 are now no longer available and now also removed the 3T. When the OnePlus 5 appears exactly is still unknown.

Current owners of the OnePlus 3T have incidentally not worry. The manufacturer says that the device just software support continues to receive the next time. How long this support continues exactly is unclear, but the device later this year at least to Android O update is obvious.

The choice of whether to delete the device now is a standout. Other manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and Apple continue to sell their smartphones for years, even after the introduction of a new model. As the price of old equipment drops, consumers can make a choice between a cheaper device or smartphone with the best hardware. OnePlus seems to require consumers to choose the latest model.