Nova Launcher 5.1 introduces more intelligent dynamic badges

Nova Launcher 5.1 introduces more intelligent dynamic badges, smarter notification

Nova Launcher 5.1 processed notifications now home screen icons. Instead of showing numbers how many notifications you have not watched, Nova shows you what you missed. So you see for example in WhatsApp -icon pictures of people who have sent a message.

Nova Launcher Dynamic BadgesNova Launcher has long been the option to display a number of unread notifications as ‘badge’ on icons. For this you have the TeslaUnread plugin requires that all your apps provide the number of notifications that you have not seen. Here you’ve Nova Launcher Prime is needed, the paid version of the home screen replacement.

nova launcher 5.1

The app can not always show the proper notifications. Due to Android restrictions can only a few apps their notifications directly to Nova Launcher pass. For all other apps, Nova Launcher retrieves the appropriate information from your notification screen, which is not always good. For those apps is that if you swipe away notifications, badges Nova Launcher disappear.

Nova Launcher 5.1 also better to go with the included themes on smartphones from Samsung and Huawei. The developers say finally specific issues that the launcher on the Samsung Galaxy S8 had to tackle.

Nova Launcher is via free download from the Play Store link below. The app requires Android 4.1 or higher.

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