The New Twitter Lite App Available in the Play Store

Twitter test a new Twitter Lite app. Only in the Philippines, but the app is also available as an apk file for download and installation.

The new Twitter Lite App: A light version of the social network tested on Android

Twitter test a new way to make Twitter accessible to a wider audience. This does the social network with a slight version of its Android app. Although the app is now being tested only in the Philippines, it may be interesting for you as well.

The new app is a slight version of Twitter. The app is intended for markets where people use slower Android devices and cannot access huge databases. Twitter Lite not only works smoothly but also costs fewer MBs.

Twitter Lite keeps you tweeting over bad data connections

new twitter lite app






new twitter lite app


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“The New Twitter Lite app test in the Philippines Google Play Store is an opportunity to increase the availability of Twitter in this market,” says Twitter against TechCrunch. “The Philippines market has slow mobile networks and expensive data plans, while mobile devices with limited storage space are very popular here.”

Visited your Twitter via a web browser, then you got to see this slight version of Twitter. The app version makes the website even more accessible. In the app, it is possible to activate media-free mode, so that you download only specific images and videos. As a result, the app uses seventy percent fewer data.The app itself asks for 3MB of free space on a device.

How to download Twitter Lite?

Twitter is not yet sure if this version of the app will be taken to other markets later because it is a test. Would you like to use the app yourself outside of your web browser? This can not be done via the Play Store but via APKMirror. The download page can be found here.


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