spotify music rewind summer

Users of Spotify Music available starting today a new automatic, personalized playlist. In the Summer Rewind playlist, you find the songs you’ve listened to the most in recent summers on Spotify. It lets you relive your favorite musical moments from past summers.

Because it is a personal playlist, you will not get summer hits as The Ketchup Song of Dragonstea Din Tei encounter – unless of course, you have heard much. Obviously, the playlist will only appear if you use Spotify since last summer – otherwise, there is no music to look back on.

spotify music

Spotify has been experimenting for some time with personalized playlists. The company last year introduced the Discover Weekly list, where each week new songs that fit possible on your musical preferences. Supplemented with the Release Radar, a similar list but with new songs and lesser known artists.

Dj Mixer for Spotify Daily it recently joined. This is a list of six playlists, some with numbers that you regularly listen to, plus other songs in a similar style. The personal auto Spotify playlists hope to help its users to discover new artists and albums.

You can download Spotify in the Play Store link below. The app is free, but you want to listen ad-free, it costs ten euros per month. The Summer Rewind Spotify playlist is automatically found among your other playlists in the app.