google now design

Google Now looks long been the same. There seems to be finally changing. Google tests namely new translucent designs suddenly activated in some users. This means that this design does not officially roll out yet, but Google checks to see if it works properly.

Obviously, because it is quite a difference. The exchange of old gray background to transparent new design displays Google Now suddenly a stylish look. The individual Google Now cards are still plain white and seem unchanged. The text includes the top of the screen are shortcuts have changed from black to white, to remain legible as on the clear dark background.

google now


We also see immediately why Google still have doubts about this design. The texts by maps are significantly less legible. Especially if someone has installed a busy wallpaper, is that not improve readability. Yet this just about shortcuts, search bar and subheadings. All other texts are the white card read just as well as before. Google may still test different ways to make the texts by maps clearly legible, without compromising on design. A slightly thicker and larger font size can mean a lot.

It is certainly good to see that Google this part of Android gives some love. Recently, most attention is namely to Google Assistant, while many people still use Google Now. Especially in countries where Google Assistant is not available and this information not through your Google Home can get read.