Minecraft update Better now, Minecraft is now playing on almost any smartphone or console, but so far these different versions have always been separated. Did you have a paradise built blocks on your Android smartphone, you could not easily show them to friends using an Xbox or iPhone. also together explore a world was not there.

That soon changed, as Microsoft announced at its E3 press conference. Prior to the annual exhibition, the Minecraft games company unveiled its plans for Minecraft for the coming months. One is the “better together update, which will appear this summer for almost all versions of the game.

After installing the update virtually all versions of Minecraft linked. Do you play the game on Android, iOS, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 or Sun device, you can later play with your friends online, no matter which version they use. It is the first time that all these versions of Minecraft come together. Not only that all DLC you’ve purchased one version will soon be working for free on all other versions. The update itself is also completely free.

Minecraft update Pocket Edition

In addition, this fall appears an update that adds support for HDR and 4K resolutions. It lets you watch Minecraft in higher resolutions and with more vivid colors. Also, the Minecraft update is completely free. However, there are only a handful of smartphones with 4K and HDR, which does not benefit the majority of users. The Sony Xperia XZ Premium is one of the first phones with both, while LG G6 offers single HDR.

You can download Minecraft via the link to the Play Store. The Minecraft better together and HDR updates appear within a few months and are available for free. The game costs 7 dollars and works on virtually any version of Android.