Why the Microsoft Edge Browser Preview for Android is worth it

Microsoft brings its Microsoft Edge Browser Preview to Android Smartphone. It is now possible to download and test the Microsoft Edge Preview on your smartphone. That’s worth it.

Microsoft Edge browser preview makes its way to Android

Microsoft has finally pulled the plug from Windows Mobile, but the company is not finished with smartphones. That is why Microsoft brings its browser to Edge to Android and iOS. A trial version is now available through the Play Store. Although the app may still be unstable, it is worth the effort to try. If you are a Windows user.

The idea of Edge for Android is that Microsoft wants to create a seamless experience between PC and smartphone. Use your Edge on Windows, then just continue on the same page on your smartphone. This also works the other way around. In addition, your favorites, reading list, and other elements sync between the two devices. Note that you need the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for this feature.

microsoft edge browser preview for android

In addition, the app still offers some useful features. For example, it is possible to customize the content of a web page to make it more readable. The app has a built-in QR code reader and you use your voice to search the web.

As a browser, Microsoft Edge Browser is not so striking. It’s a competent portal to visit websites, but it’s not possible with Chrome. However, if you use Edge on your Windows PC, Edge for Android is the logical choice.

Of course, you can also try the app as a Chrome user. Perhaps Microsoft knows how to convince Edge on your PC for more than a place to download Chrome. Microsoft Edge Preview for Android is via the link below.

  • Download Microsoft Edge Browser Preview in Google Play (Free)

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