Micasso App to convert your photos to a painted Plate

The brand new Micasso App is an excellent application to convert your photographs into a piece of art painted like the picas application and Prisma where it relied on unnatural intelligence and other

The Micasso application is an application that converts your photos into professionally designed, the most important and the most notable of which is the conversion of real images taken by the phone camera into a technical panel semi-real was painted by Picasso or Da Vinci, and some might say that there are a lot of applications doing this job, yes, but that’s The application works with very intelligent algorithms and works with a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence.

Micasso application

The Micasso application relies on the relatively intricate and complex programming of image analysis and output with the same iconic paintings of celebrities by a creator in the world of beautiful drawings and star-souvenir paintings.

A Micasso App that uses filters or effects varies from the rest of the other applications. Exactly where through the software you will be able to choose between more than 25 styles to modify images, well you can incorporate with more than one style, as well as adopt the application form on programmed learning and unnatural intelligence in the transformation process

The application also lets you choose between a variety of artwork drawn by the most famous artists such as Picasso, the Koch, Moser, Delnai while others

After you choose the image in a Micasso application from the phone or capture it from the camera, you can use the image and modify it by zooming, zooming, rotating, or clipping the original image in the direction you want.
Then you can move to the effects stage to convert the image to a professional painting, and you can choose from within a very wide range of effects to add to the image to be converted to a painting.

Micasso App is available for free download From Google Play



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