You see the following error message

You see the following error message Screen overlay detected on your Android smartphone and want to know how to fix it.For upgrading your phone to Android Marchemelo you will encounter a problem that has been detected overlapping layer on the screen not worry solve this simple problem
This problem arose in Android Marshmallow and the reason is the existence of a conflict between applications that use floating messages on the screen such as the application of the Messenger for Android devices has emerged problem in all Android phones that run above Android Marshmallow, In this article, we have compiled all the information that can help you identify and solve the problem.

message Screen overlay detected

Steps to solve error message Screen overlay detected for Android Devices

First step:

1-Open the settings
2-Applications> Application Manager
3-Click the Plus icon on the top right and select “Apps that may appear on top”

Second step:
Open the settings

1-Click the Search icon or type directly into the field provided at the top right
2-Search “Overlay”
3-Alternatively: Settings> Advanced Settings> Overlay Other Applications

Third method:
First, you have to install the application Install Button Unlock from the bottom link on Google Play directly

Download Install Button Unlock Free

Fourth method:

After loading the application, you will open the application and activate this button as on the image.

Screen overlay detected