Today we will see how to make an emergency call on iOS 11.Enabling the emergency feature with the lock button is available to all users, the feature we talked about on a previous topic but it was only available by pressing Emergency on the lock screen.

Your iPhone notifies you of emergency contacts that you have set by SMS unless you choose to cancel this action. In addition to reading, if you have not yet thought about Installing iOS 11 on iPhone, The new Emergency Calls feature on iOS 11 lets you make a call without opening your iPhone while you’re in an emergency.

You can choose to activate the 5 button presses on the side. In other words, by pressing the on/off button 5 times an automatic call will be sent to the emergency services

How to Customize Call Button in iPhone Emergency Call on iOS 11

1-The first thing to do is determine the number – or numbers – you want to notice in an emergency Call.

To do this, go to Health and choose Medical ID

How to Use Emergency SOS on iPhone in iOS 11

2-Press Edit at the top right and then go to the middle of the list to find EMERGENCY CONTACTS:

How to Set Up Emergency SOS in iOS 11

3-Press add a contact then choose the number you want and the type of relationship that brings us together:

Use Emergency SOS on your iPhone X

Once you have completed this form, you will now see that the Emergency Call window is much more complete since it now contains your medical file that could be useful for rescue purposes.

4-Now go to Device Settings and choose Emergency SOS:

How to Use the Emergency SOS Shortcut on Your iPhone in iOS 11

5-Activate Auto Call:

How to Turn on Emergency SOS with iOS 11

We have completed the necessary settings to experience the feature, we lock the device and then press the lock button five times

How to Make an Emergency Call on iOS 11

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