Quickly share your notes, capture screenshot a high score in your favorite game or foul language you send WhatsApp friends: there’s always a reason to take a capture screenshot on your smartphone. Although it is generally relatively easy with Android, some smartphones do it slightly differently. Below is an overview of how to take a screenshot on your Android smartphone or tablet or smartwatch.
Take a capture screenshot, Do you have a smartphone from Huawei, Motorola, HTC, LG, Sony, Google and several other major manufacturers? Then you take a screenshot by the down volume key and hold the power button just pressed simultaneously. After one or two seconds, the screen flashes and you made a capture screenshot. You can find these at your notifications or gallery.


capture screenshot

Do you have a smartphone from the Korean manufacturer, you have the home button and power button simultaneously and hold for a few seconds. Taking a capture screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is slightly different because this smartphone has no home button. As you hold the power and lower volume button. You can also swipe screen to the side of your hand for a screenshot.
Several devices, including Samsung, allow you to create a scrolling screenshot. This example can be a longer article or a complete call record one screenshot. At Samsung smartphones do that through, after making a screenshot, the “Scrolling by pressing switch home’ button. Then tap repeatedly to everything you wanted to capture is on the screen.


take capture screenshot Android Wear app

Do you have a smartwatch with Android Wear, you can also take screenshots. You do need to have your smartphone nearby. Because you can only take a screenshot of the Android Wear app on your phone.
Once on your wearable have the image you want to capture, press the smartphone app on the three dots right of the screen to open the menu. There you choose the option “Take a wearable screenshot. The captured image appears on the screen, and you can store it on your smartphone or forward.