How to make your Android device faster without applications

With the passage of a period of use your Android phone you’ll find that the phone has become somewhat heavy and is spoken by some convulsions that have not been previously. It may become tedious and you don’t know how you can get rid of this problem that is wasting you a lot of time

The speed of your Android phone must surprise you when you buy it for the first time, but over time you’ll notice that the device is getting slower than it was, it does not mean there is a problem with the phone. There are several ways you can restore the previous speed,

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and these problems may cause damage to the phone’s battery, as well as the Processeur and RAM, which makes your smartphone really slow.

Through this article we will display the most important causes of slow phone and how to speed up your smartphone that is working with Android

Reasons for slow Android phone

  • Problem filling the phone’s storage space
  • If you notice that your phone has become slow, you should empty the storage space of your phone
  • Use many plugins and shortcuts on the main phone screen
  • Open a lot of applications and leave it open in the background

How to make your Android device fast

  • Update Android
  • Check for updates to apps
  • Delete and disable applications
  • Disable lock effect
  • Clean the home screen of your phone
  • Save power to your phone
  • Factory Reset your Phone
  • Dump the memory for your phone
  • You must restart your Phone every time

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