How to Make and Receive Calls from Mac by Using iPhone

You can make and receive cellular calls from Mac and iPads by using iPhone, this is one of the features that integrate and achieve more interconnection between your Mac and iOS devices. It also includes Personal Contact Point, AirDrop, and Message Redirection. Today’s theme is how to make and receive calls from Mac by Using iPhone.

Making and receiving phone calls from Mac and iPad is a real gain because sometimes when your iPhone rings and you are not near from it, you can now answer the cellular call directly from your Mac or iPad to activate cell phone reception To work on all your devices, you must have both devices connected to the same Apple ID account and FaceTime account. Both devices must be connected to the same WiFi network.

Required settings on Mac to make and receive calls 

1. Open Preferences Below you have to make sure that the iPhone Cellular Calls option is activated.
2. We activate option Calls from iPhone.

make and receive calls from Mac

Required settings on iPhone to make and receive calls from Mac

1- We turn to the iPhone and open the settings and then go to FaceTime, we make sure that the iPhone Cellular Calls option is activated

2-  After that Go to the device settings then choose Phone

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3- Choose Calls on Other Devices

How to make and receive iPhone calls with your Mac

4- Now Enable Allow Calls on Other

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5- After all the settings have been completed, incoming calls will appear on the Mac and you can make calls from any application on the Mac.

You might have to talk to your Mac or iPad to switch to your iPhone for something, you can only go to your iPhone and talk through the Mac and you’ll find a green bar at the top of the screen to click it and the call will turn to the iPhone while you cannot switch From Mac to iPad or vice versa.

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