Magikarp jump

Magikarp Jump, weakest Pokémon will star in their own game

Pokémon fans are probably familiar with the Magikarp jump. The water sample is one of the weakest Pokémon, which is very valuable as it evolves into Gyarados. Magikarp hardly attacks and even difficulty swimming. However, the Pokemon Company has decided to give its own game, which is now available for Android.

In the game, you have to jump as high as your sample. You do extend it to train and perform it regularly. You treat Magikarp so basically like a Tamagotchi, which becomes stronger when you give more love and attention. The ultimate goal: to be the Champion League by jumping the very highest of all Magikarps. Your best intermediate scores are automatically screenshots so you can brag to your friends about the results.


magikarp jump

You can, of course, continue to train your Magikarp endless, but each sample has the maximum of its abilities achieved at any given time. Once you reach level 20, you get the option to capture a new Magikarp and to begin again. However, each sample just a tad more powerful than the previous one, so you are encouraged constantly by playing.

Although you can download the game for free, there are several in-app purchases available. For example, you can invest to grow faster your Magikarp, or choose decorations that beautify the living environment of the animal.

You can download Magikarp jump in the Play Store link below. The game is free and works on any device with Android 4.1 or newer.