LG V30

LG V30 pull with second screen.

This weekend turned up his early concepts of the LG V30. LG uses V-series for some time to experiment with screens. The LG V10 and V20, which appeared in recent years, still possessed a second screen that was placed just above the primary display. At that extra screen were shown include shortcuts and notifications.

In the pictures, we see a device with a retractable screen located below the primary display. By default saw a small beam on which notifications and clock are shown as the V30 is in standby mode. The functionality seems roughly identical to the current extra screen V20.

LG V30 second screen

With the V30, the manufacturer goes a little further, The reliable telecom insider shared some photos of “Project Joan” as the successor to the V20 would be called internally. According to Blass, images are already a few months old and the project can now, of course, have changed. Nevertheless, it offers an interesting glimpse of LG’s vision for the future of smartphones.

The LG V30 screen can, however, be pushed down to make it bigger. The exact size of the second screen is not clear, but it looks big enough to serve as a key example of a gallery. In the images, we see several possible implementations of rows shortcut to an extended home screen.