LG G7 with OLED screen launches earlier

Although LG G6 appeared only a few months ago, the first rumors buzzing all around about a sequel. The manufacturer is planning already in January 2018 to present the LG G7, so claims The Investor. That would be about three months before the unveiling of the G6 this year.

(LG G7), The purpose of the early revelation: to outpace Samsung. The large Korean rival LG presents its major smartphones usually in March and April. The Samsung Galaxy S8 was this year presented a few weeks after the LG G6, the display the most important innovation of both devices. However, they came almost to lie simultaneously in the shop, so LG could not take credit. A previous release and the manufacturer would give an advantage.

LG g7

Due to an early disclosure also changed the release date of other LG smartphones, as the source claims. The new handset in the LG V-series, the V30, probably, this year in August, while the LG V20 was presented in September. The LG V30 rumored features a second, retractable screen that sits beneath the primary screen. By sliding it down, you can use the keyboard or display more information.

The same source also claims that LG is going to make the move to OLED screens. LG provides its flagships now LCD screens, but it has long been to move to OLED works. That last image technology provides brighter images and more vibrant colors. Earlier this year it was announced that Google has invested heavily in new factories OLED from LG, presumably for Google Pixel 2. Now it appears that LG own technology too fancy.