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Lawnchair launcher Brings Pixel appearance to any Android smartphone

Lawnchair launcher brings the features of the Pixel launcher to any Android device. Tof is that there are a lot of options to adjust the home screen replacement.

With the announcement of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, it became clear that Google would replace the Now launcher with the Pixel launcher. It is currently in the Play Store, but unfortunately only available for Google’s own smartphones. If you still want the features of the app, you can try Lawnchair. This home screen replacement works on any Android device and contains almost all the features of the ‘normal’ Pixel launcher.

lawnchair launcherlawnchair launcher

Here you can think of the nice app drawer that wipes you from the bottom up, around app icons and a Google search bar at the top. Lawnchair turns your phone into a Pixel device, which is especially nice if you have a slightly older Android phone.

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interestingly, Lawnchair offers many options to personalize the Pixel launcher. This allows you to add so-called icon packs, customize the colors of icons, select the number of rows and columns on your home screen and specify exactly how big app icons should be.

Download Lawnchair for Android:

 Important to know is that Lawnchair is still in a test phase and therefore contains several bugs and other errors. However, the launcher is working hard and there is an improved version every week. The app is not yet in the Play Store, but you can download it through XDA Developers or Github. Check out our instructions on how to install APK files on your Android. Also, you need to enable the “Installing Unknown Resources” feature. You can find this via Settings> Security> Unknown Resources.