LastPass Family available soon

A password manager is nowadays a necessity to stay safe on the Internet. Shared accounts are still a lot of trouble, but LastPass Family finally addresses that problem.

For almost every site, an account is required, always with a password. On the one hand, it must be hard to crack, but on the other hand, many users also tend to make it difficult for themselves. However, with simple passwords like “password123” you run the risk that malicious people will gain your data in no time.

Password managers like LastPass and 1Password fix that. They do that by automatically generating complicated passwords that are almost impossible to crack. Each site gets its own complicated password, which means that you are not at risk as a single site leaks your data. Then all your passwords are stored in a digital vault, and they can be filled with apps simply on your own trusted devices. This way you are better protected in a simple way.

lastpass family share

Share passwords with family

Unfortunately, there are situations where such password manager is less ideal. Try sharing such a complicated password with your parents, if you have a Netflix account together. LastPass Family is the solution for this. The app lets you save all your passwords in different folders. Then you can choose which specific folders you share with.

For example, you have one folder for streaming services like Netflix and Spotify that you can share with your entire family and a folder of passwords for your bank that can only see your partner. By Families, you can also store and encrypt other sensitive data. Your valuables safe, your PIN, and more: Save it, and share the information with family for emergencies.

The function will roll out for paying users of the password manager this summer. The precise price of LastPass Family is still unknown. The LastPass site allows users to sign up for a provisional version of the service.

Download LastPass for AndroidLastPass has been available for some time in the Play Store, but the Families update will only be available later this summer. The app is free and works on any device running Android 4.0 or later.