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This language app, connects you with others

Apps like Duolingo are good at providing a basis. This language app often begin with phrases that help you travel. Think has to ask where to find a hotel or restaurant. However, a real conversation engages with people who speak the language, is a different story. To overcome that step, the Lingbe app invented.

The application brings you fact in contact with people who already speak the language. You can chat with these people to ask questions, but better is natural to call them. That way you can learn the language in a safe manner. If you because learning a language without speaking one, there may sneak all kinds of errors in your statement.

language app

If you press the call button in the app, then Lingbe puts you in touch with someone who has made himself available. After the conversation, you get feedback from those, watched your pronunciation, grammar and fluency. This way you can see if you’re making progress. You can also become friends with each other if you want to talk to each other more often to practice the language. Put yourself on available, you earn credits you spend free to speak with others. The app thus encourages everyone to help besides also teach others. Give a little, take a little.

Lingbe free via the download link below and works on all devices with Android 4.4 (KitKat) or higher.