Best Hidden iPhone Secret Codes

Today we learn about how to set iPhone secret codes for all users.Although the first appearance of the iPhone on the market was in 2007, there are still many secrets, many users of iPhone do not know anything about it, They remind us of our important appointments, Siri can answer all our questions and they help us organize our meetings. But they can do a lot of things and most people are unaware of it. Fortunately, So let us present to you the important iPhone secret codes that nobody knows.

The most Important iPhone secret codes  

1-Call Forwarding: # * # 21 #

Call forwarding # * # 21 # To display whether call forwarding is enabled or type ## 002 to disable call forwarding, you can also view and enable call forwarding status from Settings> Phone> Call Forwarding> Settings> Phone> Call Forwarding

2 – Trace your text: * # 5005 * 7672 #

Do you think text messages go from one phone to another? You have lived a lie all your life! There is actually a sort of middleman. It turns out that they are routed to a message center by a particular phone number. You can see this number by dialing * # 5005 * 7672 # and pressing call.

3-Field test: * 3001 # 12345 #

This code is very useful if you are a person who suffers from the weakness of the network in your phone continuously, and is unable to determine whether the failure of your phone or you are unable to make calls because of weak network, this trick smart will help you to know the power of the network on Your phone is the iPhone, where information will appear on the signal strength indicator of the cellular network of the phone, if it exceeds the 80, it means that the signal is good, and if you approached 110 or less, it means that the transmission is bad.

4- Hide Caller ID: # 31 #

Press # 31 # before dialing and the person you are calling will not be able to see your number.

5-IMEI number: * # 06 #

imei iPhone secret codes

This code by typing it into the contact window and clicking on the connection will give you the ID number of your device which is composed of 15 numbers and cannot be similar to any number in another phone. No two devices will have IMEI number and of course, this number is useful in tracking missing and stolen phones