How to disable the Automatic launch of the application “Photos” when iPhone connects to the Mac

The New Photos application in OS X is perfectly redesigned. However, the new options made may not all be to your taste. For example, and you can tell me what you think in the comments at the bottom of the article, it is annoying to see the application “photos” of a Mac will automatically launch when iPhone connects to the mac, iPad, or any other device for the photo.

How to disable the auto launch of the application “Photos” when iPhone connects to the Mac?

There is a quick and simple way to disable this option. Here is a tutorial.

iPhone connects to the mac

Step 1: Connect your iPhone, iPad, or camera to your Mac just as you normally would using a USB cable. The Photos application launches. Let them load.

import photo iphone to mac

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Step 2: In the Photos application, click on the tab “Import”. Here, you should see the device connected to the Mac listed in the upper left corner

open photo iphone to mac

Step 3: At the side of the name of the device, uncheck the option “Open photos for this device.




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