ios 10.3 update

IOS 10.3  Available in Final Version.

ios 10.3 update

Apple has just released the iOS update 10.3 It uses a brand new file system more suited to flash memory. Other minor innovations are also offered.Version iOS 10.3 is finally available for iPhone and iPad. Under its minor numbering, it brings a major new feature: a new file system, the APFS. An important change since the previous HFS dates from 1985 and the HFS + from 1998.

This new version is better suited for fast storage such as SSD and other flash memory. Encryption has also been reviewed to be more efficient is more secure. However, this is completely transparent to the user who will not see any difference on a daily basis. It will then be deployed on MacOS. An in-depth modification that requires a backup of the device before the update, as a precaution.

32-bit applications suspended

IOS 10.3 is also the latest version of the system to run old 32-bit applications, a warning will be displayed at each launch. They will certainly be abandoned with the release of iOS 11 in the coming school year.

The Settings app is also reviewed with a new section dedicated to user accounts (Apple IDs, iCloud, iTunes, etc.). It allows seeing for example at a glance the amount of storage used on iCloud.

Finding lost AirPod

Finally, the owners of AirPod will be able to locate their headphones if they have lost them. We can, therefore, see on a map where they are, certainly according to the last signal to connect to the iPhone. In a room, they can be sounded, even separately, to see if they are hidden under a wardrobe or sofa.

Other minor additions to CarPlay were also detailed in one of our previous articles about the beta version of iOS 10.3 On the other hand, no trace of the floating keyboard that was finally removed from this final update.