How to install Windows 10 from USB

Windows 10 is the latest and best versions of Windows from Microsoft where this features a fast and easy version to use where the company has merged the best features in the previous versions and presented in the new version and in this article we will explain how to install Windows 10 via USB.

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What are the requirements for installing Windows 10 via USB

flash memory USB Flash size 8 GB or higher

Rufus program to burn Windows version to USB flash

Windows version ISO version

How to install Windows 10 from USB

  1. To download Windows versions in ISO format click on this link windows 10
  2. Use the scroll bar to access the Windows version Select Drop-down menu
  3. Choose the Windows 10 version of this list
  4. Click the Confirm button
  5. Select the language and click the “Confirm” button
  6. After the download process is finished, you must copy the ISO file to USB memory.


1- Choose a Windows 10 version ISO file that you downloaded

2- Click Start

The program will show you the Ready message after you finish copying the ISO file to USB memory

How to install Windows 10

Connect the USB to the computer

Turn on the computer.

Set the boot from USB memory option through computer BIOS settings

Choose the language as shown in the image, and then click Next.

windows 10 setup

Click Install now


1- Tick the box I accept the license terms

2- Click Next.

install Windows 10

choose the first option If you want to upgrade your old Windows system or choose the second option to install Windows

Click Custom: Install Windows Only (Advanced).

install windows 10

1- Select the appropriate drive, and then click Format

2- Click the Next button to start the copy and install Windows. This process will take some time


Wait until the version of Windows 10 is installed

install windows

The computer will reboot more than once, don’t click on anything.

install windows

Click Use Express Settings


When you have finished installing the Windows default settings, add the information as shown in the picture


1- Username

2- Type the password

3- Reset the password in the Re-enter password box to confirm

4- Click Next

Wait for some time to install the settings.

And so we’ve installed Windows and the following image illustrates the shape of Windows 10


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