How to Install Apk Files on Your Android Phone

Such as Windows on a computer, when you want to install any program you must download a .exe file. This file, after opening it shows you the interface stages of installation to install the program on your computer, the same way on Android in the same sense, but the format of files can be installed on Android under the name apk. Android apps and games can also be installed outside of Google Play via the APK file type. Because even though most people install apps via Google Play, there are also plenty of apps that are not in the app store yet. So What is an APK? How can we get apps and games that come in this format? How to download them on a mobile phone? More importantly, How reliable are the apps and games that carry the APK version? How to install apk files on Android Phone?

Steps to Install Apk files on Your Android Device

1. Apk file is similar to a .exe file on a PC or a .dmg or .app file on a Mac. If you downloaded the .apk file from the developer’s website, copy it to the memory card via the supplied USB cable or via cloud apps such as Dropbox, which can transfer files to the internal memory.

2. It does not matter where you put the file: the root (highest level) or a special folder like Downloads or Temp is fine if you can easily find the file later. The location of the Android apk file is in fact very important for installing the app. It is also a requirement that you enable the ‘allow installation of unknown sources’ feature. This can usually be found via Settings> Security> Unknown sources.

Install apk files android


It may be wise to switch off this function again after installing an apk. This way prevent other apps from being installed unsolicited.

3. Installing a .apk file is usually done by file managers. However, these are not always included in Android smartphones. That’s why Google Play offers a solution.

Does External Apk Applications Harmful?

apk files dangerous harmful

In fact, any external apk file may be less secure than the original on Google Play Store if you download it from unknown sites, it may have been modified by adding unsafe files to the original file, be careful not to install applications from sites you do not trust.

Most Popular Apk Download Sites:
Here are some of the most popular Android stores on the Internet, or sites where you can safely download apk files:

Apps Help You to install apk files easily

Solid Explorer File Manager, For example, you can install Solid Explorer via Google Play, a file manager that allows you to perform all the usual actions you are used to in the Explorer / Finder on the desktop: create and move folders, copy and rename files, delete files, whatever you want.

Solide explorer file manager Download
You can also use Solid Explorer to browse and tap the just downloaded Android apk files. The installation will start automatically, in a way that you are used to with apps that you have taken from Google Play. However, some smartphones ask if you are sure that you want to install the file.


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