Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks for You to be an iOS Pro

Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks for You to be an iOS Pro

It stands to reason to get as much use possible out of your iPhone since you’ve already spent a fortune on it. Fortunately, there seems to be a lot you can get out of your Apple device and the always evolving iOS, with a virtually limitless list of tips, tricks, and secret iPhone devices that help ensure you obtain your money’s worth and, in the meantime, improve your life to be a bit simpler.

Make your iOS control centre your own

Being able to update Control Center on iPhone is one trick that consistently simplifies life. You can reach your favourite most often used apps with little more than a single swipe down while still your iPhone is secured by bringing them to Control Center. When you immediately have to have a functionality, this is quite helpful. Navigate to Settings, then Control Center, to adjust Control Center applications. Add any settings that will come in useful at a second’s notice by scrolling to the More Controls section.

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Don’t forget the back tap

When Rear Touch is activated, you may give both a double- and triple-finger touch on the rear of your smartphone a variety of various purposes, much like touchpad motions. When using iPhone 13 Pro Max at impossible angles and unable to access the screen lock buttons or the Control Center option, you can add your own options for your convenience.

iOS weather map

Even though all iPhone 13 versions meet the IP68 standard for waterproofing, getting caught in the downpour is still not enjoyable. Fortunately, the iOS Weather app has you prepared with a convenient live weather map because you can quickly monitor the forecast for each day ahead and are never unprepared anymore.

The app’s weather report literally transforms you into a meteorological journalist when you begin utilizing it because it features a scrolling 12-hour prediction for every region on the earth, layers for temperature, rainfall, and pollution levels, and pins all of your whereabouts. Right tap the compass button in the Weather app’s bottom-left corner to really get begun.

Share your screen

Siri-based enhanced collaboration features are included in iOS 15. Utilize Siri to publish everything that’s on your display with a contact rather than sending the traditional standard by tapping the share button. Although it isn’t a life-altering function, it is useful whenever you need to discuss information fast and don’t have access to your fingertips. A Spotify music may be uploaded, just like a picture or photograph may. If Siri is unable to display your device, such as with the Weather app, it would instead snap a snapshot and transmit it.

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