With these improvements, Samsung Bixby 2.0 will be smarter

Samsung has presented several Bixby 2.0 enhancements, which shows that the company has not lost confidence in its voice-assisted assistant.

Samsung Bixby 2.0 enhancements in development

The next version of Bixby is not only smarter, but also more open, Samsung announces. At the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, the company presented the following version of the voice-assisted assistant. With three improvements, the company hopes to make Bixby 2.0 more popular.

With these improvements, Samsung Bixby 2.0 will be smarter

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1. Smarter, faster answers

Enabling a voice-assisted assistant to make human and accessible access is another whiff. If you have a certain accent, or if you manage the English language less, an assistant from the context of a sentence should hopefully understand what you want to know exactly. The Google Assistant is good at it, but Bixby has a lot more trouble. The current version of the assistant sometimes does not recognize your questions unless you set them exactly according to Samsung’s particular format.

There is a change, the manufacturer claims. One of the improvements is a better knowledge of context. The assistant now understands better how people talk and can, therefore, respond smarter, faster. Additionally, Bixby can recognize individual users and respond to them. For example, if you ask for your appointments for that day, you will get a different answer than if your partner asks that question. When these improvements are rolled out, Samsung did not know yet.

2. Open for other devices

At present, Bixby is only available for three Samsung smartphones: the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8. According to Samsung, this has already resulted in more than ten million active users, but the company’s ambitions continue. From next year, Bixby will not only find on more smartphones but also on other devices from the South Korean manufacturer.

Samsung intends to integrate Bixby into refrigerators, speakers, washing machines, televisions and more. All of the company’s electronics can appeal and control your voice in the future. Which devices are the first in turn, and when the voting control is added, the company is still in the middle.

3. Open to developers

Bixby is being opened for developers of apps and other services. They can then integrate the assistant in their own app, allowing you to control them with your voice. For example, send out emails with your voice, or an option to control Netflix with voice commands.

This option uses Viv Labs technology, a company that Samsung took over last year. That company, founded by the makers of Siri, worked on an assistant who was easy to integrate with other services. By looking at the context and patterns of user speech, the assistant would be smarter and faster than the competition.



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